Avis Worldwide Education is a blended learning institution offering quality and innovative programmes to learners worldwide through a web of strategically located centres. We collaborate with reputable educational organisations and industry players to develop unique programmes in business, management, hospitality, café management, logistics and supply chain management, retail, languages and soft-skills.

Education is a systematic process of learning to acquire knowledge. The purpose of education is to prepare students for life. At Avis, we follow a customised curriculum to impart theories and core values to our learners.

Training is the process of acquiring practical and specialized skills usually required by employers.  The purpose of training is to improve employability and prepare learners for work. At Avis, we have a range of training to equip learners with practical and specialized skills.

Education & Training are interdependent and critical for a person’s overall professional development. The theoretical foundation gained in formal education must be balanced with the practical application gained in training.

At Avis, we believe that access to affordable Education & Training is a basic human right and an essential component to the development of a modern society. Towards this end, we work with like-minded affiliates, both local and international, to contribute to this cause by offering professional and international programmes through borderless blended learning. We adopt a unique blended learning approach to deliver our programmes. Learning takes place in the classrooms, where lessons are facilitated by dedicated lecturers, as well as through our interactive online learning system.


To be a leading regional blended learning hub.


To create pathways for learners through the transfer of knowledge, skills and mindsets.

Core Values

  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and consequences
  • Vitality: We carry out our tasks with energy and passion
  • Integrity: We serve with honesty and truthfulness
  • Sincerity: We treat each other with utmost sincerity



1. Customised Curriculum

Our courses and study materials are specially designed to equip learners with skills and knowledge required by the industries, thus enhancing the employability of our graduates.

2. Student-centric Trainers

Our experienced international trainers are endorsed by our external academic partners and are specially trained to guide learners achieve the desired learning outcomes.

3. Conducive Learning Environment

All our appointed Education and Training Centres are equipped with adequate facilities to provide our learners with an enriching experience. Facilities include classrooms with projectors, wifi and student lounge.

4. Service-oriented Team

Our staff comprise local and international members who are committed to delivering prompt and quality service to all learners. We treat feedback seriously and believe in service with a smile.

5. Dual Certification

Most of our Diploma courses provide learners with the option to gain dual certification, i.e. a professional certification and an academic certification. This aims to boost the career prospects of our graduates.

6. Quality Culture

To meet the stringent requirements of our academic partners, we subject ourselves to regular internal and external quality assessment based on benchmarks from UK and Singapore.

7. Academic Progression

Many of our Diploma courses are delivered in collaboration with international education institutions, thus ensuring our learners can progress to study overseas in countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Mauritius and Malaysia.

8. One-Stop-Service

We have a team of specialists to advise and assist learners who wish to study abroad and apply student visas. We have direct representations with several universities and colleges in Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Mauritius and Malaysia.


Awards For Training And Higher Education (ATHE)

ATHE is a UK-based qualifications awarding body accredited by Ofqual, the agency responsible for regulating awarding bodies in UK. ATHE offers qualifications in areas such as business, management, computing, health and social care, education, law, tourism, etc. ATHE qualifications provide progression to universities in UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia. Avis Education is a recognised ATHE Centre approved to deliver ATHE qualifications to learners worldwide.

Skills Development Board (SDB)

Avis Worldwide Education (P) Ltd is an Approved Skills Training Centre of Skills Development Board (SDB) in the United Kingdom. SDB is a membership based professional body incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK) in the year 2003. Members enjoy benefits such as skills training, networking, knowledge exchange & consultancy services. SDB offers membership in 3 categories: Corporate, Professional and Trainee.

To learn more please visit www.skillsboard.org.uk


We deliver quality programmes in partnership with reputable institutions in areas such as business, management, hospitality, café management, logistics, English and soft-skills. Learners can enrol in these programmes at Avis Education and Training Centres in various parts of Asia.