Student Visa

Student Visa is a document in the form of letter or card which grants approval to applicants to travel and stay in foreign country for the purpose of education. Each country has its own laws and regulations. The requirements of documents to be submitted for grant of student visa also varies.

The documents in general required for applying the student visa are as below-

→ Passport:

Every applicant should have a valid passport to apply and most countries require you to have a minimum validity of the same.

→ English or Local language Proficiency:

Applicant may be required to submit documents to prove their proficiency of native language of the foreign country such as English, German or French. This is to ensure that the applicant has the ability to stay and complete the education in the foreign language. Example of such test are IELTS, PTE etc.

→ Finance:

Applicants will be required to show evidences of adequate funds under own bank account or parents or relative. Other forms of financial support such as education loan and sponsorship by third party may also be considered.

→ Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement

Most of the country require the applicant to submit SOP explaining purpose of application, own background, reasons for selection of country, institute and course, and career plans. This is also done to evaluate the applicants situation and to confirm that he or she is applying to reside in the country for temporary residence and will eventually return back to home country.

→ Letter of Offer or Acceptance:

Applicant should have an offer from an approved education institute to apply for student visa. Some countries requires you to make a payment of course fees in parts or full to issue such letter of offers.

→ Interview:

Immigration Office of few countries requires the applicant to attend an interview to decide on the grant to visa.
Student visa application might be a complex for some applicants who might require guidance or consultation. Avis Worldwide has engaged experienced student visa counsellors who will evaluate and assist in applying your student visa application.

→ Medical examination report:

Almost all the countries require that applicant should undergo a medical test before or after the student visa approval. Some countries also list down approved panel doctors.

How to Apply with Avis?

Fill out our registration form and schedule an appointment with our student counselor. During the first meeting, you will be interviewed and assessed based on your interest and previous education qualifications. Then, we would be able to recommend you some visible study options, based on your aptitude. You would also be having the opportunity to ask any questions to your counselor on any concerns you may have regarding your study.

We would require you to prepare the following documents;

  1. Copy of passport.
  2. All academic certificates (translated and notarized if applicable).
  3. Birth certificate (translated and notarized if applicable).
  4. Resume / CV – Guidance will be provided by your education counselor.
  5. IELTS / PTE certificates (if any).