Germany is a European powerhouse in terms of economy, lifestyle, education and medical sectors. It is no surprise that more people are moving to Germany for finding a career abroad. Germany is today the 3rd most popular study destination among inter-national students in the world. The country attracts hundreds and thousands of students every year mainly because of the outstanding education system, friendly nature of the people, laid-back nature, a unique blend of cultures, relaxing atmosphere, and high standard of living available there.


  • Most of the Government Universities charge as low as 500 Euro to 1500 Euro per semester
  • Private universities charge tuition fee from 8000 Euro to 10,000 Euro per Year. World’s Top Technical Universities.
  • Average monthly living expenses are estimated to be between 500 to 600 Euro / Month.
  • Easy Visa Processing 45 to 60 Days.
  • Students are allowed to stay for one year after the completion of the study program.
  • Permanent Residency permission within 5 years of working full-time in Germany.
  • Minimum documentation required for visa process.
  • English is the Medium of instruction for many program.
  • Numerous Scholarships are available.
  • High standard of living.
  • After working for 1 yr can apply for Green card and work for 5 yrs can apply for PR
  • Intake — October, March


  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Coal
  • Cement
  • Chemicals
  • Machinery Vehicles
  • Machine tools
  • Electronics
  • Automobiles
  • Food and beverages
  • Shipbuilding Textiles


  • Automotive Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Non Destructive testing
  • Electrical Power Engineering

PART TIME WORK OPPORTUNITIES: 240 days Part-time or 120 days full-time in a year. Students can work for more hours subject to approval from Foreigners Authority

Stay Back Options: 18 months Residence Permit.