Education Pathway

Avis Worldwide Education carves new Education Pathways by collaborating with various educational institutions around the globe. We facilitate an opportunity for those students who don’t meet academic requirements to study in their dream study destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UK. Our education pathways equip candidates with better chance of getting admissions to top universities all over the world. We have a handful of pathway programmes for students with different academic backgrounds. Depending on the academic background and education, a candidate can take a programme which is best suited for him/her.

What is a Pathway?

There are a huge number of students who dream of getting admission to prestigious foreign universities and colleges. However, due to many reasons, they may not be able to secure a seat for themselves in a foreign country. This can be a really demoralizing experience for a student as his/her desire is shattered all of a sudden due to many regulations. In this context, let’s go through a list of reasons why a student may get rejected when applying for the visa.

  • Lack of required academic qualification set by universities/colleges
  • Time gap between the day last course attended and present day. A time gap in education will adversely affect while applying for student visa.
  • Lack of adequate English language skills.

As you can see there are a huge set of reasons for not getting admission to foreign universities and colleges. This is where our education pathway becomes supremely relevant. Avis Worldwide has carefully observed this issue and designed a programme for helping students who are facing similar problems while trying to secure a seat in foreign universities. We have designed specific pathways for students which will help them get admission to their desired institutions. What we are offering is a unique way of getting your dreams realized through official and legal channels.

Benefits of Pathway Programmes

  • A student will be able to acquire necessary educational qualification for getting admission to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK etc.
  • Negativity of prior study gap in educational history can be minimized.
  • Clear statement of purpose.
  • Proof of proficiency in English.
  • Overseas Pathway program helps to establish financial soundness.
  • Avis Worldwide has collaborations with top UK organizations to offer equivalent qualifications. We do offer L3,L4 and L7 Diploma courses in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Mauritius. Similar courses can also be done in countries such as India, Sri Lanka and other countries. Students can do these courses either on full time or part time basis.

    Pathway programmes are the best way to get admission to a university or a college in a short time span. Generally they take around six months to one year to complete. It is an intensive course at Diploma level to get an admission to an undergraduate course abroad. Students without the basic desired qualification can take this pathway programme to be qualified to get admissions to Degree level programmes in any university or college abroad or in India.