Scholarships are essentially financial assistance to qualified students for the purpose of their studies. It lessens a huge chunk of their financial burden thereby makes way for smooth academic years. Avis Worldwide understands this and provides our students with significant scholarships to enhance their chances of landing a job in their dream arena.

Avis Worldwide has close alliance with many top educational institutions in the world to facilitate scholarship schemes for our students. We do enable a learner friendly echo system whereby each eligible candidate will be provided with scholarships which will lessen the financial burden on the candidate. Students who are academically bright will be extremely privileged to get the benefits of financial assistance from top universities in the world. The scholarship will be an impetus to candidates to perform better and fly high.

There are a lot of financial assistance programmes for students. Most of these are given by Government agencies, Universities etc. through external funding organization and charitable enterprises. We at Avis make all the efforts to make our students benefit from suitable scholarships.

Avis Worldwide has been instrumental in promoting scholarship programmess offered by Universities and Colleges around the globe. The aim of Avis Worldwide is to pave a smooth path for aspiring learners to achieve an early success in their career. We know the perks of landing a well paid job abroad although it requires an initial investment. By scholarship programmes we try to eliminate this barrier of finance.

The two important Scholarships promoted by us are.


For self-funding students domiciled in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei or Vietnam can contact us to apply to study in UK with Scholarship. A scholarship of GBP 3000 to GBP 4000 may be awarded to eligible students.

The scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be automatically considered for the scholarship and be advised of the scholarship amount you are eligible for if you meet the following selection criteria:

  • You hold an unconditional offer to study a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course at Edinburgh Napier
  • you meet the eligibility criteria above


AVIS – STUDY SINGAPURA SCHOLARSHIP refers to any study grant or course fees discounts offered to prospective students as a part of special intake promotion at select Singapore Institute(s). Study Singapura will conduct a test named AVIS – STUDY SINGAPURA SCHOLARSHIP TEST to identify talented students to study in the selected courses. The selection of such students will be completely at discretion of Study Singapura. Once they get the scholarship, their financial burden will be reduced to a good extent.

Procedure For Applying For Scholarship

Applicants need to apply for scholarship separately by submitting the online application form below. Students have to submit completed application form, relevant educational documents, employment letter, if any and copy of passport.

Shortlisted student will be informed via email or phone and instructed to attend a Scholarship Test.

File must be 10 MB or less (pdf, jpej, jpg, png, doc, docx)

File must be 10 MB or less (pdf, jpej, jpg, png, doc, docx)

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Our motto has always been a world which understands the true essence of education. We believe money should not be a barrier to get educated as per the tastes of students. Everyone deserves to get educated and trained in a sector where they have a genuine taste. We at Avis Worldwide also promote various other scholarships to this aim. To know more, contact us at our email